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#MobileFirst: The Importance Of Mobile Optimization

In 2016, mobile overtook desktop as the primary device used to access websites.

In 2017, the following are a given:

1. Today, more people search on mobile phones than computers

2. People are five times more likely to leave a site if it isn’t mobile friendly

3. Over half of mobile users will leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load

Because more people search on mobile than on computers, mobile generates more page views. If your site is not mobile friendly, users are less likely to stick around. And if your site is slow, they may go elsewhere. Remember, on the internet competition is just a click away!

Responsive website design is Google’s recommended way to tackle mobile friendly sites. Google has several tools for testing for mobile usability and the ‘Search Console’ has a mobile usability report that details problems on a page-by-page level.

Search Console looks at the following mobile usability issues:

Flash usage – Most mobile browsers do not render Flash and you will want to use more modern technologies.
Viewport not configured – The viewport metatag aids browsers in scaling a page to suit a specific device.
Fixed width viewport – This problem attempts to circumvent mobile design with fixed width pages and is best shelved when a responsive design is adopted.
Content not sized to viewport – Here the page content does not fit the window, and a user has to scroll.
Small font size – This is a scaling issue and requires users to pinch the screen to zoom in.
Touch elements too close – This is a common usability issue where it is too hard to tap a given element without also hitting the neighboring element.
Interstitial usage – A full-screen pop-up often represents poor user experience on a mobile device and is a big no no.

Keyword placement plays a part in how Google finds sites. Google looks for keywords throughout each Web page, but some sections are more important than others. Including the keyword in the Web page’s title is a good idea. Google also searches for keywords in headings. Headings come in a range of sizes, and keywords in larger headings are more valuable than if they are in smaller headings. Keyword dispersal is also important. Webmasters though should avoid overusing keywords.

The Google algorithm’s most important feature is arguably the PageRank system, a patented automated process that determines where each search result appears on Google’s search engine return page. Most users tend to concentrate on the first few search results, so getting a spot at the top of the list usually means more user traffic. Many people have taken a stab at figuring out the exact formula, but Google keeps the official algorithm a secret.

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NSO Opera To Present Spooky Fairytale Opera Hansel & Gretel!

NSO Opera, under the umbrella of the NSO Symphony Orchestra (UAE) will present Humperdinck’s fully staged opera ‘Hansel & Gretel’ on 10 and 11 March at The National Theatre, Abu Dhabi, a deliciously spine-tingling, musical fairytale that’s sure to thrill!

The 45-piece NSO Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Music Director Andrew Berryman, will enthral all the family with Humperdinck’s sweeping arrangement, in the musical style of Wagner.

Under the stage direction of dynamic Spanish­-Jordanian Haya Nasser,

Mezzo-soprano Louise Merrifield will take the principal role of Hansel, while Soprano Julia Teal Kermott is flying in from the US to take the principal role of Gretel. Both have performed previously with NSO in the UAE.

Dramatic Soprano Susanna Lauer will be the children’s Mother whilst Tom Isherwood is flying in from the UK to perform the role of Father.  Dramatic Soprano Helen Kerr will be the wacky but scary Witch. Tenor Robert Millner as the Sandman and Coloratura Soprano Lauren Nieuwland as the Dewfairy, complete the professional principal role line-up.

A full cast of 80 Abu Dhabi resident children in the joyful Gingerbread chorus, whacky Witch’s Dance and stunning Angel ballet, will support them, bringing colour and excitement to the National Theatre’s stage – not to mention the Witch!

Some 10,000 people loved the orchestra’s spectacular accompaniment of Andrea Bocelli’s concert at the du Arena last April, and younger audiences were enthralled earlier by the orchestra, with Elsa and friends, as they performed live at the screening of Disney’s animated film, Frozen.

The Abu Dhabi premiere is under NSO’s  ‘Working with Children for Children’ community initiative in support of a worldwide children’s charity.

(Photo by Casey A. Cass/University of Colorado) Note: This image is under copyright to the Regents Office of the University of Colorado. Permission must be granted by the University of Colorado Photography Department before any publication of the image. The image must read with a credit caption of "University of Colorado." Other than cropping, the image cannot be manipulated in any way, shape or form. The image cannot be used to promote a product or attempt to commercialize the university. Questions: call (303) 492-3119 or email . Thank you.

Friday 10 March 2017, 7.30pm Gala Evening

Saturday 11 March 2017, 2.30pm Matinee

The National Theatre, Abu Dhabi

Tickets – Platinum Dhs250, Gold Dhs150, Silver Dhs100, Balcony Dhs75

Box Office – www.ticketmaster.ae and the Concert Box Office

Contact: Frances Barton, NSO Media Relations Director, frances@nsouae.org; Mobile: 050 650 3900