Daily Archives: December 24, 2017

Bosnia Pavilion At Global Village Is A Passage Into Balkan Culture

The Bosnia and the Balkans pavilion is the latest addition to Global Village, the region’s first and largest multi-cultural festival park. It provides an important window into the heritage and culture of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is similar in many respects to the cultures of people in the Arab world. It has more than 28 exhibitors offering traditional products, handcrafts and artifacts.

The pavilion of Bosnia and the Balkans is located on the western side of the Main Cultural Stage at Global Village, right next to the Americas pavilion. It features an antique black top-of-the-mountain facade decorated with streets and buildings of its Baščaršija region and reflects the influence of Ottoman architecture in Bosnia. The pavilion is also characterized by a wide cultural diversity and guests can feel that they are in the Vienna capital of Austria at one time and in Istanbul or Astana, the historic capital of the Ottoman Empire, at other times. It reflects the fusion of East and West in the country.

The Bosnian pavilion features a coffee shop in its center that offers Bosnian coffee, the backbone of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s social life. Earlier this month, as part of the UAE’s 46th National Day Celebrations, the Bosnia & Balkans Pavilion displayed the largest coffee pot in the world, as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. It can contain approximately 600 liters of coffee. Organisers at the pavilion had made arrangements to serve Bosnian coffee, poured from the pot, to Global Village guests. The coffee pot is the pride of Bosnia, which has its own distinct and rich coffee culture.